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Roads and Services

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1. What does it mean when something is in the right-of-way
2. If my sprinkler system is installed in the right-of-way and becomes damaged, who is responsible for the repair?
3. Who is responsible for repairing the curb in front of my home?
4. Who is responsible for sidewalk repairs?
5. There is a deceased animal in the orad in front of my house / in my yard. Who do I call to remove it?
6. A tree has fallen in my yard during a storm. Will the township cut it up and remove it?
7. What traffic signal lights does the township maintain?
8. Who do I call if a street light is out?
9. Who is responsible for street signs and other signs within the township?
10. I am doing some major clean-up and/or remodeling. Where can I dump the debris?
11. I want to fill in the ditch in front of my house. What do I need to do?
12. There may be a break in one of the drainage systems in my yard. Who needs to check it out?
13. What is storm detention?
14. My neighbor's sump pump discharges into my yard. What can I do about it?
15. Why aren't Township trucks plowing or salting certain roads during winter storms?
16. Who picks up dead animals from my yard or from the street?
17. What are my options for garbage pickup?