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2017 Signed Resolutions
October 2, 2017 
01  Probationary Release of part-time Firefighter II Paramedic Connie Clinger
02  Declaring official intent - Center Point Drive Extension
03  Appropriations for Center Point Drive Extension
04  Confirming the designation of Depositories and Authorizing Township Administrator
05  Declaration of Excess Property - Fire
06  Authorize Text Amendments to the Zoning Resolution
07  Appointment of BZA Alternate Rich Demko

September 18, 2017 
01 Addition of street to Establishment of Parking Regulations Kables Mill
02  Appraisal Review Services for SRTS 14 Feedwire PID#98576
03 Right of Way Acquisition Services for SRTS 14 Feedwire PID# 98576
04  Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies
      and Certifying them to the County Auditor
05  Appointment of Firefighter Department staff Doug Buffenbarger and Patrick Mullen
06  Resignation of Full time Police Officer Joseph Dooley
07  Declaration of Excess Property - Fire

August 16, 2017 
01 Appointment of Fire Department Staff Gavin Russell
02 ZC Case 03-2017 Preliminary Development Plan Approval for a Proposed Senior/Assisted Living Facility
03 Declaration of Excess Property - Police Department
04 Declaration - September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
05 Certifying Expenses for Nuisance Abatement to the Greene County Auditor 2112 Erickman Lane
06 Declaration of Excess Property - Fire Department 

July 10, 2017 
01 Resignation of Paramedic Amanda Henson
02  Resignation of EMT Katlyn Ables
03 Declaring a Nuisance at 2112 Erickman Lane
04  ZC Case 01-2017 Text Amendment to the Zoning Resolution 
05  ZC Case 02-2017 Landings at Sugarcreek Section 5 Final Development Plan Approval

June 12, 2017 
01 Recognition of Life Saving Efforts of Trent Shroyer
02  Appointments Fire Department Staff- Stephanie Roth, Christopher Vickrey and Anthony Mundey
03 Retirement of Gary Branstetter
04  Appointment of Board of Zoning Commission Alternate Member Mark Donatelli
05  Probationary Release of Firefighter EMT Jerome Dotson
06  Reclassification of Volunteer Firefighter/EMT to Part-Time Firefighter/EMT Jordan Ewing
07  Resignation of Firefighter/EMT Michael Bacon
08 Declaration of Excess Property - Fire Department
09 Declaration of Excess Property - Police Department
10 Authorization to Proceed to C+Bid to Contract Center Point Drive Extension
11 Authorizing a Lease-Purchase Financing of Road Improvements, Including a Ground Lease Agreement and a Lease
     Agreement, and Matters Related Thereto
12 Authorizing a Lease-Purchase Financing of Road Improvements, Including a ground Lease Agreement and a Lease
     Agreement, the Issuance of Certificates of Participation and Matters Related Thereto
13 Declaring a Nuisance at 2971 Rising Spring Court

May 22, 2017 
01 Increase Appropriations for Road & Bridge 
02 Transfer of Funds 
03 ODOT- Let Project Agreement 

May 1, 2017 
01 Entering Into Agreement with Choice One Engineering for Additional Design Work
02 2017.05.01.02 Resignation of Firefighter EMT Kevin Brown
03 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Sugarcreek Township Police Association

April 17, 2017 
01 Appointment of Fire Department Staff Jerome Dotson
02 Resignation of Firefighter/Paramedic Theodore Parks
03 Resignation of Part-Time Firefighter II/EMT Tylor Forsythe
04 Termination of Part-time Firefighter/EMT Tyler G. Blatt and Part-time Firefighter II/EMT-B David Conn
05 2017 Collective Bid Agreement with Greene County Engineer
06 2017: Year of the Trail in Sugarcreek Township
07 Appointment of Temporary Part-time Service Workers Theodore Gainey and Brandon Little
08 Change of Status of Board of Zoning Commission Members Joan S. Gallagher and Denise Moore
09 Declaration of Excess Property - Fire Department

March 20, 2017 
01 Increase Appropriations for General Fund and Fire Department
02 Appointment to Full-Time Police Officer James W. Cagg
03 Resignation of Part-Time Fire Fighter Paramedic Michael Kirnec
04 Re-Appointment of Board if Zoning Commission Member John Baldino
05 Year 2017 Permanent Appropriations
06 Authorizing the Township Administrator to Execute the Project Agreement with Ohio Public Works Commission for the Center Point Drive Extension Project and act as Signatory
07 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Fraternal Order of Police for the Full-Time Police Sergeants and Full-Time Records Clerk

March 6, 2017 
01 Year 2017 Permanent Appropriations
02 Advance of Funds to Fire Department
03 Resignation of Kyle Madison
04 Promotion to Full-Time Firefighter/Paramedic Rodney A. Beam

February 21, 2017 
01 Honoring the Accomplishments Bellbrook High School 2016 Girls CC Team
02 Honoring the Accomplishments Bellbrook High School 2016 Boys CC Team member - Justin Boreman
03 Probationary Release of Part-time EMT-B Firefighter I - DeAnne Miller
04 Resignation and Reclassification of Fire Dept personnel - Joe Mahaffey and Joshua Hauser

January 17, 2017 
01 Appointment of Board of Zoning Commission Member to Unexpired Term - Dave Schleich
02 Retirement of Police officer -Tim Fallis
03 Promotion to Full-Time Lieutenant Position Firefighter Paramedic Joshua Hauser
04 Appointment of Fire Department Staff Kyle Blankenship and Adam Ansley
05 Declaration of Excess Property - Police Department