Property Maintenance Code

About the Property Maintenance Code

Sugarcreek Township adopted a Property Maintenance Code in 2008 because as neighborhoods age, maintenance becomes more of a challenge. The Property Maintenance Code enables the township to take a proactive approach to maintaining neighborhoods and protecting property values.

When violations are identified, we try to resolve maintenance problems amicably and to arrive at a reasonable solution for both neighbors and violators. Most property maintenance issues are resolved within the time limit set for compliance. Violators may prosecuted in rare instances where a problem persists.

Sugarcreek Township has adopted the International Code Council 2006 Property Maintenance Code.

Executive Summary

The International Property Maintenance Code governs the maintenance of existing buildings through model code regulations. The provisions of this code apply to all existing structures and to all existing premises and constitute minimum requirements and standards for premises, structures, equipment and facilities for light, ventilation, space, heating, sanitation, protection from the elements, life safety, safety from fire and other hazards, and for safe and sanitary maintenance; the responsibility of owners, operators, and occupants; the occupancy of existing structures and premises, and for administration, enforcement and penalties.

An Executive Summary of the International Property Maintenance Code by chapter is available.